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project presentation

Neamt County, through Neamt County Council concluded with the Minister of Regional Development and Tourism the contract no. 1235 from 07.03.2011, to obtain nonrefundable finance from AM POR to implement the project “Promoting natural protected areas in Neamt County”, code SMIS 17928.
The project was financed through the Regional Operational Program 2007 – 2013, Priority Axis 5 – “The sustainable development and promotion of tourism”, the major domain of intervention 5.3 – “Promoting the touristic potential and creating the necessary infrastructure with the purpose of raising the Romanian’s attraction as a touristic destination”, the operation “Development and strengthening the intern tourism by supporting promotion of specific products and specific marketing activities”.

The final value of the project is 810.475,21 RON and eligible no refunding value 612.184,83 RON. Duration of the project was 18 months.

The general objective of the project consists in turning Neamt County into a touristic destination according to European Union’s standards of sustainable development. Impact indicator that corresponds of the general objective of the project is the touristic product natural protected areas in Neamt County, promoted both during project implementation and monitoring period of 5 years, thus ensuring the sustainability of the project done.

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Project selected with the Regional Operational Program and co financed by the European Union through the European Fund for Regional Development.

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